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Try our amazing Javatopia Bean

Try our amazing Javatopia Bean

Try our amazing Javatopia Bean

Newtown Coffee provides a superior blend of coffee to coffee shops, restaurants, golf clubs, hotels and institutions.  All our beans are specially selected and roasted in Ireland.  Why not give us a call and we will drop out and let you experience our beans first hand, just give Sean a call on 087 2596008

Address: Spin House, Walkenstown Cross, Dublin 12.
Email: sean@newtowncoffee.ie
Phone: 087 2596008
Contact: Sean Hughes

Crema Especial

A medium roast tailored from superior beans to produce a blend that is smooth, well balanced and light in acidity. This coffee is sweet and thick through the mid-tones, with a hint of roasted ground nut from beans grown in the Cerrado.


Espresso Grande

Coffee sourced from the central highlands of Vietnams coffee region and then carefully selected for the best characteristics and wet polished to provide an extra special, smooth cupping with velvety textures.



A masterful blend of the finest coffee beans from the rolling green hills of Sul de Minas, in Brazil and Colombian Supremo, the highest grade of coffee from a country well known for their high quality coffee.



An artisan crafted blend of the finest coffees from across the globe. From the mountains of the Santa Barbara in Honduras to lndonesia where the carefully selected beans are authentically aged for up to seven years to produce a highly prized speciality coffee. As the beans age their flavours gains strength. These strong flavours are then expertly blended with beans from the Santa Antonia estates of Brazil, the Daklak province of Vietnam and the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, well known for producing the highest quality Stricly Hard Bean grade of Costa Rican coffee. The artisan coffee is a beautiful roast, full of body and depth with perfectly balanced complex flavours consisting of dark berry and sweet fruits.

Colombian Filter

This is a fruity and sweet Origin Coffee from the Paisa region of Colombia, famous forprodudng what is considered by some to be the best coffee in the world. With Choice weather conditions and the shelter of the Andean Rainforest, this region is perfect for producing high quality coffee.

Kenyan AA

An exquisite single origin coffee from Kenya, a country which produces some of the World’s most elegant and distinctive coffees. Grown in high plateaus around Mt Kenya where the rich soils and right balance of sunlight and rainfall provide the perfect conditions for growing coffee. AA is the highest grade of coffee from Kenya and one of the most sought after coffees in the world with intense flavours of stone fruit and bold citrus notes with a snappy black tea finish.

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